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By on September 16, 2012

A few years ago my buddy mentioned that he wanted a short barreled rifle (SBR) and my first thought was, “why?”

He went on to say that you had a rifle that would be more concealable than a full length rifle or even a carbine. You would also have the advantage of it being in a more powerful rifle cartridge and pistol cartridge.

I still wasn’t convinced.

Then I fired a friend’s SBR and I thought, “Wow! That’s short, handy and just as accurate as a full size rifle at CQB ranges!”

And thus began my initiation into the world of SBR’s!

I’d had this fully built AR-15 lower that’d acquired on a whim sitting in my safe for some time, so I said, “Why not?” and proceeded to create firearms trust, fill out my ATF Form 1, make out a check to said for $200 and send it off!

I cannot stress this enough, YOU DO NOT ASSEMBLE THE SBR UNTIL AFTER YOU RECEIVE THE TAX STAMP!! Make sure to ALWAYS have a copy of the Stamp paperwork with you when you go out an about!

About 4 months later my tax stamp arrives in the mail and voila! I put together my first SBR!

As stated before this particular SBR is an AR-15 and sports an 11.5 inch barrel. It handles better than my full size 16 inch barreled carbine, even tho because I used a heavier machine gun barrel it actually weighs a pound more. Future builds will take such into consideration. Accuracy at CQB ranges (IMHO out to 100 yards) is the SAME as with my full size gun.

Another thing about building an SBR is that all rifle accessories will still work! So mounts, optics, stocks and most fore ends will work just like on a full size gun. If you make an ultra-short SBR you will have to use a pistol fore end.

I built an AR platform SBR because it’s what I had handy. That doesn’t mean you cannot go a different route! AK’s make pretty handy SBR’s too. So does the Sig 556.

The Sig’s and AK’s have the advantage that they are piston guns and you can actually have a side folding stock! That really make for a small concealable package!

Still think a pistol caliber is a good idea for an SBR? Well you can have quite a list of choices for that as well!



I cannot say or stress this loud enough! You DO NOT want to do this illegally! Assembling and/or cutting a rifle down WITHOUT ATF approval FIRST is not LEGAL!

That being said, an example of a pistol kit is the Roni kit. It allows you to transform just about any modern pistol into a shoulder fired firearm.

Once you have your tax stamp from ATF for you pistol, you simply follow the directions and install the pistol in the kit. In some cases you will have to remove the rear sight and replace it with a cocking lever/handle.

The kit stock allows you to have a fold out stock and a fore end as well as Picatinny rails to hang all sorts of light, laser and what not. Accuracy is very much enhanced as you have a steadier platform to shoot from.


The research has pretty much been done for you, all you have to do is decide what platform you want to build! They really are very handy!



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