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By on June 16, 2013

Hawk 2

I became part of a pass around of an Omnivore Blade-Works tomahawk on a forum I’ve been a part of since inception (Usualsuspect.net). Two packages of hawks went out in June of 2011 and I after a true odyssey the hawk finally made it to me in May of 2013! I am the eleventh person to deal with it/test it. It was well used by the time it arrived to me.
Hawk 3
I have to say I was pretty impressed overall! Certain things I don’t like, and I’ll tell you about them, but this thing chops AWESOMELY! Please note: I did NOT sharpen this hawk or touch up the edge in any way shape or form! At least 10 other people have had this before me and I was able to slice completely thru a gallon jug of water! It holds an edge VERY well! A testament to the steel and the design and maker!

I love the size, it’s pretty much just right, not too big and not too small to take on jobs both large and small. Fast and maneuverable for fighting and chopping. Here’s a comparison with a Cold Steel hammer poll tomahawk.

Hawk 4
The sheath/scabbard is pretty cool too, love the way it locks in. Just really can’t wear it. Guess you can strap it to a pack.
Thinks I liked.
The size was, as previously stated, just about perfect. Enough for leverage and chopping power in a swing, yet short enough to be handy and carryable.
Once again, not too heavy to swing for extended periods or to do some damage when the blade hits.
Handle slabs
Well made and designed. Not too thick or too slim. Grippy yet lets you slide up or down the haft at will.
Steel (this one is actually three, as I also incorporate design and heat treat in it)
Not sure exactly what the steel is, but I believe its 1095 carbon. That is only part of the equation tho, good steel without both good design and heat treat is worthless. This hawk has all three, I’m happy to say! The design permits the heat treat to take and retain a VERY sharp edge! Even after 10 previous people using and abusing it. From the records I was able to see, no one else touched the edge either, so this is the ORIGINAL factory edge on the hawk!
Not sure if it’s the heat treat left alone and bead blasted in a camo pattern or if is a type of ceracoating/Teflon/etc? Whatever it is, it held up with minimal wear!

The things I wasn’t thrilled with:
I’m not a huge fan of the popular spike on the back of a hawk. This is purely from my martial arts back ground as I don’t want anything on my weapon pointed at me that my adversary can potentialy use against me. It’s also one of my favorite things to do someone who has a spike hawk. Choke up on them with the haft of mine and force their own blade at/on them.
Personally I’d prefer a smaller spike or even better some sort of modular bolt on that would include a variety of additions like hammer poll.
Edge all around the head
Having the edge go all around is a cool design feature but impractical in my opinion. I’d like to see it under the beard and to the center of the top of the blade, for hook cuts and back cuts,that way you can still choke up on the head of the blade. No edge at all on the back part.

Bottom spikes
I don’t really dislike these, they look cool but I don’t really see them serving a purpose. I know they are designed for butt strikes but as rounded as they are (for safety, I guess) they wouldn’t do much damage as the hawk really isn’t designed to strike with that end. The maker has said he created them to look like dog’s teeth.
I do like the flare on the end to keep it from flying out of your hand on energetic swings, but do not like the jimping as it created some hot spots when I used it.
All in all I really like the hawk and think it is a winner! I only wish I could afford one! Thank you to Omnivore for letting letting me play with it and put it thru some paces!

Here are some more pics:

Hawk 12 Hawk 11 Hawk 10 Hawk 9 Hawk 8 Hawk 7 Hawk 6 Hawk 5

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