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By on August 11, 2013

For quite a few years now I’ve wanted to get some steel targets. Then I found an ad on of all places, FaceBook.

This is a company out of California called AR500-Targets.com. They carry a large variety of steel targets and accessories.

In this case it was a special FB only sale and a code/link was issued to you via email, when I decided to check it out.

I’m not going to divulge exactly how much it cost as it was a promo deal, but it was pretty damn inexpensive for an 8 inch round plate made of AR500 plate!

I said, “Why not?” and ordered one! A week later I had it at hole via Priority Mail. Solid 3/8 of inch think armor plate!

I decided to paint it Day-Glo orange, since I had the can of spray paint on hand and really does stand out at distance.

Long story short it took me a while to get the whole set up put together, mainly because I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to set it up. Since I am basically new to this whole steel target thing, I really didn’t know my options.

So back to AR500’s web page to see what they had as options. One is a set up requiring a base plate and some anchors on a pair of 2×4 put together. Not quite what I wanted and bulkier than I wanted to transport. They had some larger set ups as well but those were multiple targets so not in my league yet.

The second option was a stand set up that they have a patent pending on. They say it folds up for less bulk and even includes a wrench to put it together. See pic below.

I went with this option. Still pretty inexpensive, all told I’m under $100! Not bad for a reusable target!

It too came Priority Mail in about a week. Now, to figure out how to hang the steel target from the frame…

Chain was the way to go, I thought. Off to Home Depot. Found some stainless steel chain for $1.87 a foot. As luck would have it, I only needed a foot by my calculation…Score!

Reality. How do I attach said chain to both target plate AND stand? Well they had some links with screw sides…that should work. Crap! They’re $2 EACH and I need 4! Oh, well! Still not that bad for the whole set up!

Went home and put the thing together and it looked wonderful! Now to test it out!

Sadly that took longer than I thought due to other issues, but finally loaded it into the truck and off to the range I went.

Put it out at 50 meters and when we went hot, put 10 5.56mm rounds on it thru my suppressed SBR.

Ah, the sweet “DING” of metal singing! The target swings with each hit, which make it a little bit of a challenge to hit but that’s fine, I like challenges!

Ok. Time to break out the 300 AAC Blackout. This is a full size rifle with a 16 inch barrel and a Vism Tactical scope. A VERY nice scope for the $$ BTW! VERY clear glass with an etched reticle, variable 1-4 power, 30mm tube.

Anyway, dialed the scope up to 4x, put the cross hair on the plate and let fly. A more strident “DING” and the plate swing up and OVER the cross piece! That 300 really does impart MUCH more energy down range than the 5.56!

I did pull a couple of shots and one did this:

300 AAC BO 2 300 AAC BO Hole

As you can see the round went completely through the support…and that without even moving it! Yeah, I like that 300 AAC Blackout round!

After two hours of shooting, sadly, it was the $2 links that failed me. A stray round clipped them and they flew apart. The $1.87 chain took several rounds and held together just fine, but the screw links did not. As you can see we had to improvise with paracord, but that didn’t last long either. So off to the drawing board for another idea. Any suggestions, please email me.


The stand itself took much more of a beating than the target plate did for some reason, but then the plate is supposed to withstand such. AR500 does offer a cross bar that is also made of AR500 steel and I’ll probably order one from them.

The side bars fared much worse, with two perforations to one arm in particular. The damage to the stand can be mostly attributed stray rounds ricocheting from the lanes next to me on either side


Frame 1 Frame 2

As stated above the plate held up beautifully! Even absorbing 62 gr penetrator 5.56 rounds with very little surface damage to show. See pic below.

Target plate

All in all, with the exception of the attachment issue, I am pretty pleased with stand and the plate.

Recommended, check out www.ar500-targets.com when you get a chance!


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  1. miamigunsinc, 6 years ago Reply

    AR500-Targets.com carry a large variety of steel targets and accessories. it is also provide rifle and pistol?

    • Vince, 6 years ago Reply

      They don’t do actual firearm sales that I know of, but they do make AR500 armor plates that are pretty damn slick!

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