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By on December 5, 2014

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First, my apologies for my time away to those who follow me here.

Frankly, I was moving about more than anticipated, rent raised beyond what we were comfortable paying, moving to a new rental place…about 1500 sq. ft. smaller than the old place, so much smaller that we actually had to get rid of furniture in order to fit in it! But in all honesty it was all we could find in the local price range.

I moved myself. No movers, minimal help from friends, since I felt it wrong to ask them to take time off from work to help me out, I did most of it during the day after work as I start early and leave early.

It took 21 days to do it this way. I found out that while I am in incredible shape for my age, I do work at it… I’m still not as young as I used to be.

Living in this new place brought its own set of issues as well. The word cramped does not even describe how tight it was. Every piece of remaining furniture was shoe horned into place. An awkward layout to the house did not help either.

I felt cramped and on top of everyone. I couldn’t even escape by going to the garage and working on martial arts, guns or just plain working out due to the fact that we just didn’t have the room we used to have, as I had to use garage space to store things we just did not want to part with. I had a little space about 6 feet square to move in. Most of the work outs were in the drive way.

My mood plummeted.

Even my normally very bright and chipper wife and daughter were feeling the, literal, crunch.

While we were paying less for this place certain things did not really let us save that much more, but three things happened that I truly feel was God’s provenance.

  1. We decided to actively look for our OWN house once again. 3 years was up on our previous short sale and good looking credit.
  2. Not one but TWO cash value life insurance policies we had forgotten about.
  3. Finding a house we could all agree upon.

Using the insurance policies we actually now had a decent down payment on any house we might find, however that left the issue of finding a house in a very difficult market. We also had to get new instant quotes for life insurance to get a good idea of the market.

As luck and God would have it, it only took a month of searching thru junk and trash before the gem appeared!

The only semi issue was, it was out in the sticks. 30 miles away from work, one way. The wife does some long distance driving anyway so not really an issue for her and I will get used to it! Down South to live in the country or what passes for it in my county.

A 4 bedroom, two bath with a two car garage. The garage is perfect for my new work shop/workout/classroom/man cave area! The master bedroom actually fits all our bedroom furniture! A master bathroom with both a roomy shower stall AND a soaker tub! Enough rooms for my daughter to have two rooms, one for her and one for her crafts and costume making! A full office for the wife and her multiple businesses!

And STORAGE. Lots of it! Didn’t have to get rid of any other stuff!

All of this on a half-acre lot! Plenty of room for our vegetable garden! The same size garden took up literally ¼ of the previous back yard, and here barely takes up a little piece! The house itself has its own well, so no more water and sewer payments!

Yes, it required some extra support equipment, like a rider mower and shed but well worth it.

The front of the house faces a 100 acre lot that has both fields and an orchard that is almost 100 years old. My neighbor’s on both sides are pretty cool too!

And the quiet. All you hear is the occasional engine noise and the wind. I can just sit in the front and let myself “feel” or just go blank.

I moved myself AGAIN…you’d think I would have learned from the last time, which was only 6 months before…


Yes, I really am getting too old for this shit. Even tho I remain in decent shape, the aches and pains take a LOT longer to go away. Even doing mud runs and working out, I sometimes feel older than I am.

For high-res downloads and prints, go to http://www.racepacephotos.com

Did it in a week this time. Got more friends to help this time as well as using technology to help out, such as a large truck with a lift gate (thank you Penske!) in order to move my 1000 lbs. safe and the larger pieces of furniture. Thankfully my brother in law had just bought an old, really beat up 15 foot van that I was able to borrow            as well.

I also have a 300 lbs. hand carved greenstone Buddha that we got from Sumatra. I felt I had to move that one by myself. I had done it twice before so I knew how to do it. I now know how the pyramids were built!


I feel I was channeling Edward Leedskalnin of Coral Castle fame. If you don’t know who he is, go to the link, it is an awesome place and this guy really was in the Tesla League of how to do things with minimal equipment. It’s actually very near the house now. http://coralcastle.com/ is the place.

Yet even tho we had this great place…I still did not feel it. I was having difficulty accepting that this is OUR new place.

It took a bit, little things, like doing stuff around the house, learning the yard, learning the area, building things, sitting with friends in my front yard talking shit, drinking good beer and smoking good cigars…letting the peace of it all seep into, what I now know, was my troubled soul.

Now I can finish some rifles, go back to doing my CCW courses and have a class room setting, (sorta), now I have room to work out in fully and my wife can use the awesome Spinning bike I got her.

Most of all, we are happy! And it feels GOOD!

Thank you for listening.


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