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Many years ago a friend of mine on the forums named Gaucho told me about his instructor, a man named Tom Sotis of the AMOK! Brotherhood. I knew that Gaucho was a skilled man with a blade, I also knew he is a practicing MD in the Boston area, and that if he had only good things to say, I needed to meet this man!
As fate would have it, Tom Sotis was coming to Naples, Fl for a training camp. I was able to contact him, introduce myself and make arrangements to go. Since I lived in Miami at the time it was just an hour’s ride across US 41 (I’m not a fan of 75’s ‘Alligator Alley’) to meet up with the group and Tom himself.
My first impression of Tom Sotis is that he was an extremely nice and affable guy, very down to earth and humble. Some instructors have a very high opinion of themselves, whether they deserve it or not and I’m happy to say Tom is not one of those. Tom is extremely skilled in both his art and in teaching it.
We got down to training right away, outside in the sun, old-school style. Some folks might take issue with this, but I’ll train anywhere and in any weather conditions. If you ever need to use your skills, it might not happen in a comfy dojo or training facility with A/C and padded floors.
I have to say the group of students he had with him were some of the best knifers I’ve ever had the privilege to train with! I’ve trained with the best and Tom’s students are a direct reflection of his teaching skills.
I had a great time and learned some new stuff to go with it, best kind of training there is!
Sadly, due to a medical emergency back home, I was not able to attend the second day of the camp. It has stuck with me over the years how much I enjoyed training with Tom and would love to do so again.
The advent of Facebook opened up a large and easy way to communicate amongst likeminded individuals, yes FB has it’s issues but it is still a decent platform to communicate fast and easily and Tom and I were able to reconnect.
Over the years we’ve toyed with the idea of bringing him down to Miami and after some fits and starts have managed to now do so! Thanks to my friend and sparring partner Guro Tony Torre, we were able to secure Glenn Mehlman’s Beach Martial Arts dojo on Miami Beach.

If you are interested in attending the information is below.
I’ll give the detailed story afterwards!
The date will be June 27th – 28th, from 10 am to 4pm.
Until June 01 only $200 for both days, $125 for one
After June 01 it is $250 for both days, $140 for one
Pay at the door $300 cash

Saturday 27 from 10am-2pm
Sunday 28 from 12 – 4pm
Address: 909 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL, 33139
Contact Tom Sotis at Sotis@CombativesTraining.com
Very Limited Space – register at www.CombativesTraining.com/events/miami-june-27-28/

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  1. Vince, 2 years ago Reply

    Sadly the seminar has been canceled.

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