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By on April 17, 2015


You know what?

A lot of folks are talking about Obama’s last move in taking Cuba off the terror list, regardless of how they still foster and fund terrorist around the world. They’ve been talking about the “Cuban exiles in Miami” and how they were all or mostly all the “rich, well to do Cubans” that fled and how entitled they feel. Well, here’s my take:

My grandfather HAD been a minor minister of education in Cuba and former consul from Cuba to Peru, yet he left all that and came here to the USA in the early 40’s, long before Castro even thought of taking a country by the throat.

They really did have nothing, except the will power, intelligence and college education, on both grandmother and grandfather side. Yet even tho they came from the “high” end they had no issue working in whatever jobs they could.

They never said, “Hey, I used to be (enter high ranking designation here), you need to respect me!” My grandfather was a fumigator for as long as I knew him…and he had NO ISSUE with being one. My grandmother, whose aunt wrote the school books that are STILL in use by the Cuban government today, a woman who spoke three languages fluently and was raised in Paris, had no issue just being a Mom. My own mom was runner up for the Jr, Orange bowl parade beauty queen when she was in high school here in Miami.

Yeah, they missed their homeland and saw the awful things that Castro and Che did, not to mention the family executed by these “liberators” for no reason other than they were related to “someone” of perceived power.
My father, on the other hand, came to this country in the late 40’s looking for a job in Detroit making cars, that didn’t happen but he ended up a US Army MP. Afterwards he drove a Budweiser truck, sold insurance, was an MDPD sergeant and started the OCB (Organized Crime Bureau), construction contractor and real estate broker, among other things. Just so you get a feel for the “entitlement” he came from, the complete opposite of my mom’s side, he was raised on a farm on the other side of the island (Oriente) and remembers sleeping in grass huts called bohios. He died a Catholic Deacon here in Miami in 1996.

He only returned to Cuba once, during the Mariel Boat Lift to rescue his own father and then only saw it from the deck of a boat. None of my family ever set foot on their homeland ever again.

Neither of my parents ever complained of the American way or what was lost in Cuba either. But they ALL knew, both parents and grandparents, that they could not let that happen here, in their new country. Oh, yeah, both my parents speak fluent American English too. No accents at all.

So did we have entitled Cubans coming here fleeing the Castro regime? Sure did. Did we have the less, “entitled” too? You bet. Yet they ALL have a couple of common things, they were all refugees and they ALL loved their country. I guess that’s a bad thing, huh? Loving your country. Seems to be nowadays.

Have they done anything to get it back? Yes they did, they sure tried, initially with the Bay of Pigs invasion that was supposed to be backed up by the US Gov’t….and what happened there? They were left to die, if they were lucky, or tortured and imprisoned if not, by the very allies they relied on.

What does that tell you? No help coming from the US Gov’t. This is history, this is fact. It took the threat of Russian nuclear weapons being sent to Cuba, for Kennedy to be shamed and put on his big boy pants and stand up to Castro and the USSR who backed him. This was years after Bay of Pigs, when the Castro regime had already consolidated their hold on the island. So it’s no wonder that “clandestine” organizations such as Alpha 66, etc. have sprung up in the years since, infiltrating the island, intelligence gathering and sowing the seeds that the Cuban people can be free again.

Could the US have done anything in the years since? You bet we could have. We have done much more, to and in, places much further away. Why haven’t we? The only thing I can say is “politics”.

I will also say that, I feel, if not for the “Cuban” influence, Miami would still be a backwater American town at the mouth of the Miami River. Cuban-Americans have been the backbone of influence to South Florida in bringing innovation, commerce and prosperity to the area.

I was born HERE in the USA. First generation after Castro’s takeover. I consider myself American. I’ve never been to Cuba. Have I lived in other countries? Yes I have. I have learned that the USA is the best place to be, from more than just birth. We truly are the best country on the planet.
Yes, I have heard all the stories of the glory days of Cuba, and they sound wonderful. However, I will NEVER know any of it, due to the communist regime in power there STILL to this day.

There are not one, but two Cuban Presidents in my family line, do I feel entitled? Those who know me will know the answer to that, but for those who don’t know me, the answer is: “Not at all.”

I revel in my Cuban Heritage and would not have it any other way.

But make no mistake. I am an American Citizen and I will fight to the death for this country against anyone or thing trying to destroy it.

Because I know of a Paradise Lost and I don’t want it to happen here.

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