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By on July 1, 2015


My daughter is a Type 1 juvenile diabetic.

Diagnosed at age 7, she is now 24. That diabetes is “inherited” has been disproved years ago. It is not hereditary. Neither my wife, nor myself, have a family history of diabetes. At present no one knows why people get diabetes. You can have a propensity for it in your family, but that is it. It can happen at ANY age.

Let me tell you, as a parent, it is heartbreaking and soul wrenching, to see your child suffer…and even worse to know, “This can KILL her!” and the complete helplessness that come with it!

As you all should know by now, I am a fighter. It’s what I do. (ok, I’m a librarian too! But a fighting one!) I and my family had learn how to fight this disease. It’s not an easy thing to learn, but it’s either that or literally die.

One Hell of a burden to place on a 7 year old child. Yet as parents we had to teach HER how to deal with it…especially with death as an option. We (my wife and I) aren’t always going to be around. A terrible thing to have to do, but it had to be done.

What is “diabetes”?

BASICALLY put, ALL food that we eat is broken down into sugar. This sugar is released into the blood stream to feed the “body”, even more basically it feeds the individual red blood cells. Insulin is produced in your pancreas and released into the blood stream. Insulin acts as the “key” to open the red blood cells in order to let the sugar (food/energy) in.

When the pancreas produces the wrong insulin or not enough insulin or no insulin at all, that sugar that is in the blood stream, since it has nowhere to go and just keeps circulating, chemically turns in acetone over time.

Yes, that vile smelling shit ladies use to remove nail polish. This is what kills diabetics the fastest. I have simplified the above, it’s slightly more complicated but that is it in a nut shell. Yes diabetes causes other problems as well, Hashimoto Disease, eye sight problems, circulation issues and more.

Do I believe big pharma brought this on?


Do I believe they are propagating it?


I do tend to believe diabetes is environmental. Personal opinion here. Meaning stresses the body goes thru, emotional issues etc. coupled with environmental influences. Can these influences be caused by our present lifestyle?


Fact is folks, we don’t know. People used to drop dead and doctors in the 1800’s had no clue why. People still drop dead and doctors don’t know why! Remember, they are still “practicing” physicians.

Will a cure ever be found?

I sincerely hope so for my daughter’s sake!

But in reality, I do not believe big pharma would let it happen. Billions of dollars are made in the diabetes world. My daughter alone has used 5 different types of insulin, so far. She’s down to using two on a daily basis.

But this isn’t counting test machines, test strip, lancets, lancet shooters, alcohol swabs and various size syringes. All those, except the test machine and the lancet shooter, are SINGLE USE!

Even with insurance we sometimes pay around $300! Every month.

In all fairness, the test machines and shooters are usually provided by the treating doctor for free. These, however, are base glucose meters and not the better units that store data and are down-loadable. So it really behooves you to get a better unit because the data is VERY important for controlling the insulin doses on a daily basis.

Blood sugar levels are tested at least 4 times a day if not more depending on how the person feels and what the glucometer reads. Each one of those tests uses a test strip up. One little bottle of test strips can run $50 depending on the glucometer. Lancets are also single use, those are cheaper at around $15 a hundred.

Insulin cannot be purchased without a prescription and is VERY expensive if you do not have insurance…and sometimes even if you do.

The big pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars a month off the Diabetes industry. Billions. Of. Dollars. Every. Month.

If you were making that much $$…would you want it to end?

I think we know the answer to that. Again in all fairness, I really do not think most people would go along with it, but these companies are NOT people.

So every few years they “release” a new innovation to keep everyone believing they are “working” on the problem. Same with cancer. Big money there too. I believe they already have a cure for both cancer and diabetes a lot of the other diseases out there.

It’s just not in big pharma’s interest to “find a cure”!

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