By on December 30, 2020


Here’s praying that 2021 will be better than 2020.

In reality, it is up to US to do that.


Success requires replacement:

Replace Netflix marathons with SLEEP

Replace fake influencers with INSPIRING CREATORS

Replace toxic friends with MENTORS

Replace complaining with GRATITUDE

Replace blame with RESPONSIBILITY

Replace alcohol with WATER

Replace overthinking with ACTION

It doesn’t seem like much, altho admittedly some of those can be difficult. I do like beer! However I limit myself to two a day on weekends only. I also eat as little bread as possible.

And yeah…when the world is beating you down and the hits just keep coming…be GRATEFUL.

Yeah you read that right. Now read it again. BE GRATEFUL.

Thank God that He is with you to get you through anything!

Be grateful He gave you the strength of mind, will and body to ENDURE it all and more! You have trained yourself to do this.  We have free will, so WILLINGLY choose to do the things YOU need to do to make yourself STRONG!




Get outside of your comfort level because that is where growth occurs!

So let 2021 be the beginning of the best years we are going to have moving forward.



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