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By on January 10, 2021


If this doesn’t give you cause to be VERY apprehensive you really need to look into what is going on!

Google, Facebook, Twitter and now Apple, have censored not only the American people but the ENTIRE PLANET from hearing Conservative viewpoints!

You should be scared!

When an entity or group of entities has a monopoly on what information can or cannot be heard, this is totalitarianism. Dissenting or controversial information cannot and should not be withheld.

How can you make an informed decision if you do not have all of  the information? This is what they want. Keep you in the dark and only provide THEIR viewpoint.

We need to think for ourselves. In this day and age, with all the sources of information out there we really have no excuse to NOT educate ourselves.

Now due to these entities having a monopoly on WHAT is posted and WHO posts it, even our sources of information are now compromised.

Library circulation is down throughout America and possibly the planet, because people prefer the ease and comfort of just looking it up online. What books are left on particular subjects and being “accessioned” in favor of “more modern viewpoints.

Authors like Rudyard Kipling and even H.P. Lovecraft (who was VERY Liberal and loathed Republicans!) are being branded as “Racist” and “colonialists”. One has to view their writings through the lens of their time period. If this stays on this path we will soon lose Marcus Aurelius, Sartre and a whole host of others who’s very ideas are being censored. I find this disturbing in light of the American Library Association’s vehement policy against censorship!

WAKE UP, my fellow Americans!


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